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The New Norm and Self Care

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

COVID19 has made a global impact over the past few months. The virus has affected every aspect of our world, keeping everyone from living their “normal” life. Now, the world needs to begin to adjust with the situation.

The New Norm

What is The New Norm now? The world has shifted everything in the hope to prevent the spread of the virus. The implementation of social distancing between people, our new handwashing and sanitizing routines, and wearing a mask in public are just a few of the measures we as a world are taking to stop the virus.

Does this New Norm affect every business and our personal lives?

The Answer is Yes! Let's focus now on the topic of The New Norm and Self-Care. Shall we begin…

When New York started the lockdown, everyone's lives were greatly impacted and almost every business was affected. Because people were unable to go outside and many businesses were closed, guess what happened? Guys hair started growing longer and bigger becoming unruly and women's hair continued to grow exposing uncolored hair and grey roots. Because we were all home with so much extra time, we were able to watch the news. Slowly, you could watch the weatherman transform into a caveman with his big long hair and beard.

During this pandemic, many people (like the weatherman) have found themselves abandoning their self-care routines.

Before the government announced the city-wide lockdown, I had already been quarantined for 15 days. I continued to stay in quarantine until the middle of May when I got a job offer to become part of an at-home haircut service.

The job was great! It was extremely fun but it also came with some challenges. While I was on the job, I got the chance to do some research. Some of the key things I found were that clients were still concerned about their self-care, that they wanted a service that was in their price range, that traveling to clients takes a very long time, and how things were going to be impacted as the city started reopening.

Most of the clients I met had the same concern about getting their hair done while the city is reopening. Many people are hesitant about going to a salon or barbershop because even though there will be space between clients they don't want to be surrounded by people. The solution of at-home visits is also problematic because the price for a home call service is expensive. The price is so high because the client has to pay for the traveling time of the hairstylist to come to do their hair service. For the stylist, traveling to clients can be a huge challenge because it is so time-consuming and tiring to get from client to client.

With all that being said, to adjust with this New Norm, I came up with this idea of opening up my own private studio that provides clients with a one on one session. The studio is open for all genders with both salon and barber services. Located in Murray Hill, New York City. We offer affordable prices that won't break the bank. Our services include Cut and style, Barbering,

Buzz-cut, Blow-out, and Styling, Hair Coloring, Highlights color, Balayage Highlights, Beard Trims, Traditional Hot Towels Shave. Also, We want to give clients a safe environment to get their hair done during these pandemic times. Why sacrifice your self-care when you now have a solution to keep feeling good about yourself and your hair. HeelsnBootsHairStudio is here to help you and your self-care.

See you soon.

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