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Precision Haircutting Technique

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

We often hear people speak about using the precision haircut technique but what do we really know and understand about what that really means?

That’s a good question, isn’t? Before we go deeper into talking about precision haircutting, we need to have a better understanding of face features and textures (in my next post I will focus on face features and hair texture, so stay tuned!) Face features and hair textures become extremely important when cutting hair because no one person has the same facial features or hair texture.

When a professional Stylists or Barber talks about precision haircutting it is not limited to a specific hair length. The technique can be executed for long, medium or short hair, the hair length actually doesn’t matter!! A good haircut should be catered precisely for you, meaning that it should be based on your facial features and your hair texture. When a stylist or barber tries to create something that doesn’t quite work with your features, is when you will get a so called “terrible haircut” and we all don’t want that to happen.

One way to try and avoid this from happening to you is come prepared when you want to change your hairstyle. Try to find at least two types of pictures to bring with you as a reference point. The first picture to bring should be a photo of someone with a similar hair texture to your natural hair. The second picture you should bring is a photo of the haircut you want to get, the hair can be any texture but keep in mind you won’t get exactly that haircut. When you sit down with your Stylist or Barber during consultation, they will explain to you what type of approach they will precisely need to take to create a similar haircut for you.

Precision Haircutting Technique

I hope this gives you a better understanding of what Precision Haircutting is and hopefully gets you excited to change up your look! Come check out HeelsnBoots Hair Studio and don’t forget to bring exciting ideas for your new haircut style. HeelsnBoots hair studio provides free consultation and wider services for both Salon and Barbershop. Our services include: Cut & Style, Classic stylist cut, Barber cut, Buzz-cut, wash and Blowdry, Hair treatments, Hair coloring, Balayage highlights, Keratin treatments, and Facial Grooming for the gentlemen.

See you all soon!!!

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