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Face Feature and Hair Texture

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

In my previous post, I discussed how Precision Hair Cutting has a powerful connection to Facial Features and Hair Texture. When we look at hairstyles, we first need to really understand what our facial features and hair texture looks like. By doing this, we will have a better understanding of what hairstyles could work and what styles couldn’t.

Many of us will look through pictures and magazines for inspiration on our next haircut. But more often than not, we focus on looking at just the haircut. We leave out the key factor, how this cut will translate to your own features and hair texture. When you try to apply that same haircut on yourself, we often forget that we have different features and hair textures than our inspiration. This often leads to a so-called, Bad Haircut….and we all don’t want that!

No two people have the same facial features or hair texture but we can find similarities that we share with people. When you are looking for inspiration, looking for these similarities should be your focal point, not looking at haircuts. Now, how do we do this? When looking at similarities we want to note a few things. First we look at the bone structure of a person, how strong and how soft their bone structure is can shape their face. We then look at the actual shape of the face, is the person's face ovular, square, or round. We then consider the size of the face, is it small, medium or large. Once we have considered all of these areas of the face we can focus on the hair texture. How is this person's texture? There are many different ways to define the texture of someone's hair, is it curly, straight, wavy, fine hair, medium hair or coarse hair? And finally we have to consider the Density of the hair, this is a topic I will discuss in my next post.

Wow!! That's a lot of things to consider when planning a haircut! Your head must be spinning right now (I know mine is) but hopefully now you have a better understanding as to how Precision Hair Cutting came to be. It allows haircuts to be catered for every single person and can be applied to any length of hair.

HeelsnBoots Hair Studio specializes in Precision Hair cutting and offers a free consultation for any service. Our Studio works and collaborates with your vision for your hair and color choices, HeelsnBoots Hair Studio has a wide offer of hair services, including Cut and Style, Classic Stylist Cut, Barber Cut, Buzz Cut, Hair Coloring, Balayage, Highlights, Hair color, Grey Blending, Keratin Treatment and Blow out style. Our Services can be booked online through Google or through our Website and Instagram. Bring all your ideas to us and lets work on it together. See you soon!

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